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cjm January 18, 2011 06:33

Suitable solver for Air/Air flow with different temperatures
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Hallo community,

I have a rather simple question. I have a setup which can be seen in the picture. A standard 3D air flow through a domain with a XVelocity of 10m/s and a funnel like geometry with an air inlet on top with a higher velocity and much higher temperature (500K). My question is what the most suitable solver might be in OF for such a case - e.g. which can solve turbulent flow with changing temperatur? After that calculation I want the second flow to be a different phase (exhaust like particles). Which solver would suit best for that?

Thanks for any hints..cjm

nakul January 20, 2011 05:17


As far as first simulation is concerned I think any incompressible solver would be suitable. I did something similar for compressible flow and used rhoCentralFoam with turbulence and there wasn't any problem.

For the multiphase run based upon the above thinking you may try some standard multiphsase solver but I have never done multiphase flow so I can't be sure.

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