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351Cleveland January 20, 2011 07:41

OpenFoam model compilation error
Hello fellow Foamers.

I am relatively new to OpenFoam, having gone through the training, and have moved onto attempting to develop a new turbulence model file for use with SIMPLE/PISO foam based on the E-Yliquid model.

I have managed to compile the model successfully, making changes to the backwardsCompatibilityWallFunctions files to include the new autoCreate terms, but when attempting to use the new model in a test simulation, I come up with the following error:

mysimpleFoam: symbol lookup error: <home>/lib/linux64Gcc44DPOpt/ undefined symbol: _ZN4Foam14incompressible14autoCreateYliqERKNS_4wor dERKNS_6fvMeshE

I'm pretty sure this means that something is registering an out-of-date library somewhere as I used to have a 'not specified' error when compiling the model, but that was solved. But for the life of me, i can't seem to fix this problem.
Does anyone have any ideas where the problem lies?

Much obliged.

351Cleveland January 24, 2011 06:43

Seems I may have found a way around it, but would just like it confirmed if at all possible.

I have replaced the new autoCreate functions in my .C files with the already existing ones. Since the functions, for k, omega, epsilon, etc, all appear to be generic and the only difference is the referencing of their specific boundary conditions files; if my new function only uses uniform values/ zeroGradient as its boundary conditions; does this replacement mean that the function will run?

Much obliged.

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