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Arnoldinho January 21, 2011 11:35

engrid: Internal volume mesh becoming coarser during boundayr layer addition

maybe it's a stupid question, but I have a problem using engrid for the boundary layer generation in 3D cases. (Sorry for posting the question here, but the engrid forum seems to be down). The orginally created internal (volume) mesh becomes coarser during the boundary layer or generally the volume mesh creation in engrid.

Let's explain the procedure: I have a block of lets say 1x1x1m that is horizontally divided into several (volume) layers. The layers have different resolutions/edge lengths of tet elements. The mesh is created in Salome using the Netgen algorithm; boundary patches have been created and the mesh is exported into .unv format. After conversion with ideasUnvToFoam, the mesh is imported into engrid by Import -> OpenFOAM case. Then I do "edit boundary conditions", create a new volume and set all boundary patches (six, from the cube sides) to green. Then I do "create prismatic boundary layer", pick the boundary condition to refine and set the conditions. The boundary layer is calculated/created as intended. Then I export the new mesh via Export -> OpenFOAM case (grid only).

No I come to the problem: When I open the mesh in Paraview, the surface mesh of the cube edges (outer 2D mesh) is still fine, but the internal (3D) volume mesh of the cube has become very coarse. No different resolutions of the volume layers can be found any more. So, where can I tell engrid to keep the former internal volume mesh resolutions?

Best regards,

Arnoldinho January 22, 2011 05:31

Ok, as the engits forum server is working again, the discussion about the topic can be found here ... just for the case someone has the same problem.

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