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scott January 27, 2011 00:22

Rotating Wheel Example/Information Required
Hi there,

I was hoping someone had an example that they could pass on to me. I am looking for an example of a rotating wheel on the ground similar to a car or bike wheel with a spoked hub.

I have seen examples of rotation with MRFSimpleFoam etc, but these have all been for regions in free space.

I am looking for an example that has a wheel and spoked type hub, that rotates physically (transient) or uses some additional equation (MRFSimpleFoam) that can help me build my own model.

This is something that I can do in Commercial Software and am looking for a way to do this in OpenFoam.

I figure that you could use a moving wall on the tyre, and it would not need to rotate, but where the hub rotates, you would need to rotate the mesh of the wheel surfaces and the spokes, or use some sort of MRF feature, but then what happens to the air gap in the spokes?

I have OpenFoam 1.7 installed and have been running SimpleFoam simulations using SnappyHexMesh successfully, but now I need to make it more realistic. I am happy to install whatever dev/extend version necessary to get this to work.

Assuming I can get this working, the next step is looking at heating/cooling of solid regions in the flow domain.

Thanks for any help you may have!


lovecraft22 March 11, 2012 14:49

Hi Scott;
did you possibly manage to have tat sorted out?

Thank you.

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