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bfiedler January 28, 2011 16:23

precedence of boundary file over blockMeshDict
In the OpenFoam tutorials, Allclean deletes the following files in constant/polyMesh: "points", "owner", "neighbour", "faces" but not the file "boundary". The blockMesh utility will overwrite "boundary", but will first read "boundary" and preserve that patch type that is found, igonoring what is found in blockMeshDict. Thus, changing type wall to type cyclic in blockMeshDict will have no effect on type found in the "boundary" file. Options to change file type are to manually delete the "boundary" file (better for newbies to save it by renaming it) or to manually edit it. What is the purpose of the blockMesh utility behaving this way? The official documentation does not describe this behaviour.

immortality January 22, 2013 08:16

hi.i have same question.did you find a ratioanal answer?

bfiedler January 22, 2013 11:52

No, I did not find an answer. I have also forgotten the context of my original post, which was from so many years ago.

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