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xck1986 January 30, 2011 10:29

a question about compressible solver
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Hi Foamusers,

I have used the compressible solver rhoSimpleFoam to simulate two case, one is the ONERA M6 Wing, anoterone is a valve.

But compared with the experiment data, the results form OpenFOAM with the solver rhoSimpleFoam seems to be not so correct, actually there are maybe 20% difference.

e.g. for the onera m6 wing. My pressure coefficient is different with the experiment data. see the attached figure.

Has anyone also use this solver before? And could you please give me some suggestion, how to improve the results.


cnsidero January 31, 2011 00:30

Before you ask about the solver, what's your mesh type and what does it look like in the region of interest? Assuming this is at transonic conditions, it looks like you're not resolving the shock (the shock is about mid-chord on the suction side)

lift86 April 16, 2011 04:26

Xck1986 Hello, I'm running a job with openfoam and so far I have analyzed simpleFoam. I would be very interested in using rhosimpleFoam but I have no available tutorials.Ho tried to set the case but it gives me problems, I put another post ( rhoSimpleFoam tutorial ---
. Even I have to analyze and compare them with the wing oneraM6 this report A. Krumbein,
en transition prediction for 3D wing with gurations databases using me-
thods and to local, linear stability code, DLR

lift86 April 16, 2011 04:27

If you can give me some information on how to set the solver I would be grateful

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