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andrea.pasquali February 14, 2011 06:51

RBF for Morphing
I'm thinking to use RBF in OF 1.6-ext as morphing tool for optimization analysis.
I tried the tutorial movingBlockRBF. I can rotate and translate the block but I still haven't found how to morph the block surface with control points (for example increase the length or give a curvature).

Could anyone help me how to set the RBF for morphing or where I can find some examples?

Thanks in advance


Haijun December 2, 2011 22:29

How to find the tutorial RBF?
Andrea Pasquali, How about the RBFInterpolation? I am greenhand and doing some work about FSI. But so far I have not found any example about RBF for morphing in OF 1.6-ext. Where is the tutorial movingBlockRBF. Can you tell me how to get the tutorial movingBlockRBF?
Thanks in advance


andrea.pasquali December 5, 2011 06:10

Hi Haijun,
Actually I did not investigate more time for RBF in OpenFOAM.
You can find the tutorial under 16-ext version: tutorials/incompressible/icoDyMFoam/movingBlockRBF
Please let me know if you find how to setup the RBF for morphng cases!


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