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umassche February 17, 2011 14:26

Simulation stops too early in paraView??
Hi, I'm working with the cavity problem and trying to simulate the model for 1 second in 10 steps of 0.1s. I'm using the icoFoam solver and, of course, when I used it, it generated all the results for the entire 1 second with no errors. But when I try to view it in paraFoam, the velocity field changes from 0th frame to 0.1th frame but after that up to 1.0th frame, it shows the same result that it showed for 0th frame.

In other words, it is as if icoFoam didn't predict the velocity field after the 1st time step. But icoFoam returned no errors and produced those data folders for all the time steps! Why is this??

mturcios777 February 17, 2011 16:13

If you are using the default settings as in the tutorial, what you are seeing is the rapid convergence of the solver. Remember that we are looking for a steady state solution, so eventually the pressure and velocity fields will stop changing in time.

Since you mention paraview, I assume you mean that you are outputting time directories at intervals of 0.1. The solver timestep is much smaller than that, so if you want to see the fields up to the converged solution, you'll need to change the following entry in system/controlDict:


writeInterval    20;

writeInterval    1;
Make sure you have room for all the time directories, there will be a lot!

umassche February 18, 2011 01:05

many thanks! your advice definitely helped. but my problem was viscosity was too high and system reached equilibrium within the first step. just had to decrease the viscosity and problem solved!

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