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gascortado February 18, 2011 09:07

Combined Hex and Tet mesh problem
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Hi. I have a problem when combining Hexahedrals and tetrahedral elements in my simulation. I set up an LES with that kind of mesh and i get the results shown on the attached picture. As you can see the flow gets artificially disturbed at the interface of the two different type of mesh elements.

I'm happy with what I get upstream and downstream of the plate. I'm using PISOfoam. Any sugestions on how to procedd?

Arnoldinho February 21, 2011 04:12

Well, maybe it helps you: I ran into similar problems when doing calculations with interFoam. I figured out that the volume ratio between connected hex and tet elements must not exceed a certain value. In my case, it must be in a range of 1-1.5.

Also, the solution scheme might have an influence as well.

BTW: Which tool did you use to create your combined mesh?

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