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val46 February 18, 2011 12:22

Mapping outlet patch to inlet patch of new case
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I'm trying to run a case with a velocity profile (on the inlet patch) that comes from a previous simulation.
I have a rectangular channel where inlet and outlet have different meshes.
It's a problem that has been discussed here in the forum many times before. Unfortunately I couldn't find a solution for it yet.

First thing is mapfields
I think it's not the right tool because it maps the volume field and not only the surface field.

Second thing is sample + timeVaryingMappedFixedValue
I was able to sample the velocity field from the outlet patch of the previous run with the sample tool.
But obviously I'm doing something wrong when using timeVaryingMappedFixedValue.
The interpolation onto the new inlet patch looks horrible (see attached picture).

Any hints about what I'm doing wrong?

This is my sampleDict file:

setFormat raw;

surfaceFormat foamFile;

interpolationScheme cell;


        type            patch;
        patchName      OUTLET;

And in 0/U I have:

    type        timeVaryingMappedFixedValue;
    setAverage    off;


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