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nakul February 24, 2011 06:32

Problem with Specifying Boundary Conditions

I have supersonic flow over a flat plate at M=3.75. The freestream conditions are given as total pressure =1.2MPa and Total Temperature being 299K leading to a static temperature of 77K.

I am using JANAF thermo data but with the lower temperature limit of 200K, I am not being able to specify the boundary condition for T at inlet (T=77K).

I am using OF-1.7.1 and fluid is oxygen. I have to use JANAF data because there is normal injection of N2 downstream.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The details of the case can be found in the following link on pg 6 and 7.

nakul February 25, 2011 08:13


Can anybody help with this in some way? I still haven't been able to solve this problem.

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