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sepp February 24, 2011 10:28

hey guys

I've got a question to the surfaceIntegrate.C in fvc, espacially the function surfaceIntegrate.
This does 'Integration' like discribed in the phd work on page 80 (3.17), but what's the reason for dividing the result with the volumes?
Is this because of the integral and using (3.12) or are there other reasons?

thanks for your answers

gwierink February 25, 2011 04:33

Hi Johannes,

I suppose you mean Hrvoje Jasak's thesis? Well, in there I found Eq.(3.17) on p.80 anyways :). As far as I understand, surfaceIntegrate forms the basis for operations like fvc::div, as Henry explains here. I suppose that if you'd like to get the divergence, you need to divide the LHS and RHS of Eq.(3.15) on p.80 by cell volume, in order to use Gauss' theorem ...

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