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purduejack February 25, 2011 00:32

LES modelling help

1ST, I want to state that I am very new to OpenFOAM.

Now I have been given a task to model a supersonic flow over an inclined plane/wall.

The main reason for this exercise is to test out the LESmodel, smagorinsky.

This might sound stupid, but i tried to make the forwardStep case in SonicfOAM into a turbulent one by literally copy pasting from other foam cases in the tutorials.I was thinking of just modifying the forwardStep case's blockDict to the geometry i want and copy the Lesproperties and the constants from other tutorial case that is using LES.

Sad to say it didnt work. Coz when i "list" the files in the terminal, the files i copy pasted didnt appear in the terminal window. It couldnt and shouldnt work this way right?

My main question is that do i have to compile a new case using the wmake? or there is an easier way.

Many thanks first to anyone who replies to my questions.

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