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klausb February 26, 2011 18:34

What mesh is required?

I am working on the setup of my wing optimization (lift/drag) case (3D).

- Re-range is 300.000 to 1.500.000
- It's a hydrofoil, fluid is water
- Medium chord is 100mm, wing span is 1040mm
- Simulation domain size is 1000mm x 1600mm x 1000mm (for half the wing span as it's a symmetrical case)
- I'll be using simpleFoam + SpalartAllmaras
- Using I get a ds = 0.0000020m = hight of the first cell row on the wing surface for a desired y+ of 0.5 at Re = 550.000

Question 1: Where can I define such a value for ds using snappyHexMesh?
Question 2: Problem with locationInMesh: Can this be just any location inside the domain but outside the wing?
Question 3: Any recommendations for the overall mesh to get good results for cl/cd?


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