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merlyn February 28, 2011 16:55

A newbie need your help with gratitude
Hi, everyone
I am totally a noob for OpenFOAM, confused about the structure and the way FOAM is operating, especially about properties usage:
Can anyone tell me, according to what sources (e.g. files), the name of involved property is determined (e.g. "nu" for cavity)? In other words, given the specific solver and problem, how can I know what parameters I should provide in the case directory, and what name I should give them for each?

Similarly, according to which, properties are distributed to different property files (e.g. "transportProperties", "turbulenceProperties"), and can these properties files be given arbitrarily, if not, how comes?

Thank you for time and help !


chegdan February 28, 2011 21:52

the user's guide?

At some point we were all asking these questions. I suggest reading the User's guide and programmer's guide from cover to cover and you will understand more. Then, I would pick a solver and go through it line by line and try to understand what is going on. Search the message board to find answers to your questions and post if you can't find what you need. After that, you will understand a lot more.



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