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alvora March 2, 2011 08:40

Hello Friends,

I am trying to modify the chtMultiRegionFoam solver and also trying to simulate the multiregionHeater Problem. I also found a one modified solver from the below link:

the web:
the modified solver (which name is JouleMultiRegionFoam) is consist various folder, like derivedFvPatchFields, fluid, Make, solid, regionProperties, and various files like, JouleMultiRegionFoam.C, JouleMultiRegionFoam.dep and readPIMPLEcontrol.H.

But, when I saw in my Openfoam chtmultiRegionFoam folder, the one folder is different. Instead of regionProperties folder, there is the different folder which name is include.
the include folder in chtmultiregionfoam consists setIntianlMultiRegionDeltaT.H and files wherever the regionProperties folder in JouleMultiRegionFoam consist the regionProperties.C, regionProperties.dep and regionProperties.H.

the problem is that what is the difference between two folder and which one is correct? how I can go through the problem? when I try to run multiregionHeater problem by typing ./Allrun in command window, there is no any error but there is not giving any output in paraview. only geometry with initial condition showing.
please, any one can give me suggesion that how can I solve the multiregionHeater problem? and also about two different folder in solver..

Kind Regards


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