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J0bouchard March 2, 2011 17:13

LamBremhorst turbulent model

i'm testing OpenFoam with the simple Restivo case. Can't get the Low-Reynolds LamBremhorst model to converge. Epsilon always gets infinite and nut to zero. Works ok with Launder-Sharma model.

Also, Mesh is fine enough for a LRN model.

Any advice? Experiences with the LamBremhorst model?


nikesh February 21, 2013 09:43

Hii Jo,
Any chance you managed to solve this problem?? I too am encountering this problem at the moment.
Any help you could pass on??
I am implementing simpleFOAM to run a simple 2D flatplate case. I am stuck with assigning the boundary condition for epsilon at the wall.
Would be really great if you can help!!

J0bouchard February 21, 2013 10:11

Hi Nikesh,

The only way I could get the LRN LB model to converge is with a very dense mesh near the boundaries. This is equivalent to a direct resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations, no LRN models involved.

After multiple tests, I came to the conclusion that the LB model code is not working right, impossible to duplicate any results found in references.
Instead of using the LB model, I used a 2 layer LRN model (Xu-Chen) for my applications.

Sorry I could not be of more help.
Have a nice day.

nikesh February 21, 2013 10:28

Thnx Jo.
I shall try that out too. Lets see how it goes!!

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