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nobound March 7, 2011 02:06

Validation of OpenFOAM for Poiseuille and Womersley Solution
I am trying to validate OpenFoam against the theory solutions: Poiseuille and Womersley solutions using structure mesh and unstructure mesh.

For Poiseuille flow, the structure mesh is very good, but for unstructure mesh, the velocity is not zero, and in the center the velocity is slightly lower than neibhouring points. I used icoFoam solver and sample function to get the data;

For Womersley flow, I am trying to understand the setting up BCs. One example online is oscillatingFixedValue( and timeVaryingUniformFixedValue

if I use the oscillatingFixedValue for BC, it looks like it is NOT pure sine function around zero, instead, it ia around a positive value.

anybody did the simialr validation and help me point what I did wrong?

Thanks a lot.

liguifan September 12, 2011 09:53

For womersley inlet, the velocity profile is not uniform, the shape of the profile is parabolic when womersley number very low, the center becomes flat womersley number increase. It is also dependent on your geometry.

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