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NewKid March 8, 2011 07:33

A new problem about cantera
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Hello, I've come across a new problem again.
When I use cantera to solve CH4 combustion with GRI30, something happens.
While Time is 3, floating except happens(Is this kind of error due to initial condition/boundary condition?), someone say that inputing "unset FOAM_SIGFPE" can resolve it, and I try, another error happens.
So I trace the code while running, I come to the point that this code "thermo->correct()" cause the error as someone say. I look into the code and find that function "correct" seems a virtual one in class hCombustionThermo. To go further, I comment the code "thermo->correct()" in "hEqn.H" file.
well, it's OK when Time is 3. But when Time is 4, fatal error happens.
I attach the stack-trace file.

NewKid March 9, 2011 08:15

Any clue?
I am confused.

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