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johnblund March 10, 2011 09:50

Wall function for velocity?

I am modeling atmospheric flows using a standard KE model. I have had some problems reproducing earlier results from e.g Hargreaves and Wright (2006) and Blocken (2007)

I am sure that the differences are caused by different wall functions being applied, as I am sure inlet profiles are correct.

I have identified the wall functions used for k and epsilon (kqRWallFunctionFvPatchFIeld.C and epsilonWallFunctionFvPatchField.C), but I cannot find the wall function for velocity.

I want to make sure that the velocity is set according to the logarithmic law in the wall adjacent cells. I am only able to see that it is set to zero at the wall in the 0/U-file.

Does anyone know how the velocity is set in the wall-adjacent cells? And an easy way of defining a wall function for velocity close to the wall if it does not exist allready.

kind regads

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