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jms March 17, 2011 04:34

problem with wallDist on yPlus
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In order to calculate yPlus I am using the code I upload as an attached file. The equation that you can find in the file yPlus.C uses a variable "d", i.e. the distance to the wall. I had a look at the values of this d. I expected them to be the same all over the airfoil I am computing (since I am using a mesh with constant 1st cell height of 2.75e-5). To be sure that this is constant after having converted it to OF, I checked that in a post processor and this 1st cell height is constant, so there are no "conversion issues"). :S

What I get is that they oscillates between 9e-6 and 1.3e-05. I don┤t like this because the value of the computed yPlus then is not perfect.

Can you tell me anything about this?




P.D.: BTW, if you want to know anything else about this yPlus tool I am using, the one I have uploaded, you can co to the thread, post number 5.

Saxwax October 14, 2011 01:55

Please see the following link:

Post #18 is my guess on what may be happening.



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