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salvoblack March 18, 2011 10:59

Onera M6 Wing Mesh
I need a very detailed mesh (about 3 million points) of a Onera M6 or any other wing. I have to make calculations of transition.
This is very important because a have a mesh of the Onera M6 with only 300000 points, but the results are no good.
Can someone send it or tell me how to do??

cnsidero March 18, 2011 22:21

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I previously wrote a Fortran program to uniformly subdivide 3D multi-block, formatted PLOT3D files for the purpose of grid dependency studies. (i.e. It places a point between each pair of points therefore multiplying the number of cells in each direction by 2 for a factor of 8 increase of 3D cells). If you grab the PLOT3D file from the Onera M6 study on the NPARC validation site

using my program you can refine the mesh. I tested it and it works for this file. The initial mesh has 294,912 cells (306,577 points) and the refined mesh has 2,395,296 cells (2,405,665 points) - pretty close to what you're looking for. And of course you can do it as many times as you want.

As this is a simple subdivision, it will only half the near wall spacing while increasing the cell count by a factor 8. Meaning it's probably not the most efficient way to increase the resolution but you won't need a mesh generator!

To make it work, compile the attached Fortran source file (e.g.)

gfortran -o REFINEPLOT3D -mcmodel=medium refinePlot3D.f

(note: you need the -mcmodel=medium option or it won't compile)

Once its compiled, feed it the PLOT3D file you want to subdivide from stdin (e.g.)

./REFINEPLOT3D < m6wing.x

and it will write out the subdivided PLOT3D file to "refine.x". Finally to get it to work with OpenFOAM you'll have to use the 'plot3DToFoam' converter and then the 'autoPatch' tool to recover the boundary patches.

Oh and this program comes with no warranties or support so if doesn't work for your PLOT3D files read the source and modify it to your liking.

Good Luck! -Chris

malik December 2, 2012 14:37


can anyone plz send me the geometry of ONERA M6 wing that i can open in ICEM or gambit.
My email address is

I will really thankful


malik January 23, 2013 08:09


Does anyone have the 3D mesh of ONERA M6 wing that I can open in ICEM. i need coarse and fine mesh. If anyone has it, can you plz send it on . i need it urgently

Many thanks in advance

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