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maxNeptune March 19, 2011 11:16

Boundary conditions between blocks
I am using OpenFOAM to run LES on periodic hills. I have successfully meshed my geometry and applied cyclic boundary conditions to the inlet/outlet and front/back. The top and bottom are walls.

My problem arises from trying to drive the flow. I have tried using channelFoam and setting uBar to my desired flow velocity. This produces some very strange looking results.

I have decided the best way to drive my flow may be to split my mesh in two on a plane parallel to the inlet and outlet, most likely in the middle of the block. I could then drive the flow using either by simply setting U or I could apply the flowRateInletVelocity.

My thinking here is with the two blocks, the ends would still be cyclic in/out boundaries. Between the two blocks, there would be an out and an in. The out would of course feed the inlet for the second block. This way I could drive the flow from here and still have a cyclic boundary condition on the ends of the complete geometry. I would then use pisoFoam to solve this.

Does any of this sound realistic? Has anyone tried this or something similar?

My only problems is determining how to properly set the boundary conditions. I am trying to use the inletOutlet boundary condition to deal with any possible flow reversals in this area.

Does anyone know how to set the boundary conditions for this?

Thank you,

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