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jms March 22, 2011 05:04

bug in "average" function of OpenFOAM
Dear all,

I am using a code I found in one thread in order to calculate yPlus (this is the same as yPlusLES but modified so it is possible to use it with RANS).
Since I was not getting the results I should get for y+ I also showed on the screen the distance to the wall the programme gives (I have showed the min, max and average for this value and also the list of all these "d"). Giving a minimum d of 0, which of course, made no sense (based on how I had defined the mesh).

Then I got a list of N values (which made sense according to how I defined my mesh). I calculated the max,min and average with Excel for these list and it was not the same as the one given by OpenFOAM. Then, I added N zeros to the list the programme had shown on the screen, I recalculated this average and it was exactly the same value as OpenFOAM gave to me.

My Conclusion--> This AVERAGE function from the programme is taking as many 0 as values introduced to it by default (because, again, as I said above, in the list I shown on the screen these 0 do not appear on the screen).

Can any one help me with that?

Thank you in advance!



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