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grjmell March 23, 2011 14:03

Paraview - Segmentation fault
I know this error has been discussed in places previously, but nowhere did i find the solution. First I installed paraviewopenfoam381 on my ubuntu laptop. When i try to run it, I get a message in the terminal "Segmentation fault". I can't even open it. after searching on google, it seemed that compiling from source would help. So i rebuilt paraview (and enabled python while at it) following this:

The build is successful, but i get exactly the same segmentation fault. I have installed and built paraview previously on a ubuntu desktop with no problems... anyone have any ideas?

wyldckat March 23, 2011 17:41

Greetings grjmell,

Might I suggest that you skim through my list of topics about problems with ParaView: Related issues to ParaView with OpenFOAM - Fixes and solutions

The most relevant thread might be this one: Segmentation fault when visualizing in ParaView

Best regards and good luck!

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