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Andrea_85 March 24, 2011 07:26

FixedFLuxPressure error
Hi all,

i'm trying to run a test simulation using interFoam. I would like to test the difference between limit "zeroGradient" and limit "gradient" in the constantContactAngle patch. When i run limit "zeroGradient" everythink is fine but when i use limit "gradient" i get this error:

Cannot find 'value' entry on patch wall.4 of field p_rgh in file "/home/aferrari/Simulation/OstacoliRandom/simm2e-2alpha30/simmetricou2e-2relaxsmooth_limitgradient/0/p_rgh"
which is required to set the values of the generic patch field.
(Actual type fixedFLuxPressure)

Please add the 'value' entry to the write function of the user-defined boundary-condition
or link the boundary-condition into

file: /home/aferrari/Simulation/OstacoliRandom/simm2e-2alpha30/simmetricou2e-2relaxsmooth_limitgradient/0/p_rgh::boundaryField::wall.4 from line 263883 to line 263884.

From function genericFvPatchField<Type>::genericFvPatchField(con st fvPatch&, const Field<Type>&, const dictionary&)
in file genericFvPatchField/genericFvPatchField.C at line 71.

my p_rgh file is simply
type fixedFLuxPressure;
adjoint no;

and I do not think you need to specify a "value". So what's the problem?



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