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anijdon March 28, 2011 01:03

a problem with temperature depending properties
I want to simulate a case with nanofluid. I extracted transport and thermal properties equation which are conclude tow fluid and nanoparticles properties (in first method that you said). but viscosity and conductivity are temperature dependent. I tried to use thermophysical models but I didn't find where put the equations .however this way may be wrong. I add energy equation to simpleFoam and want to modify this solver to my simulation.

do you have any opinion to help me.

kind regards

ulli March 29, 2011 04:48

there is an example, in the latest OF 1.7.1/x-release for the cht-solver, where a incompressible liquid with temperature dependant properties is solved. This one is based on the hRho-Thermo definitions and uses the icoPolynominal property definition. You can take this solver or check the other heattransfer and "compressible" solvers, if they allow the same property definition.
Hope this helps


anijdon March 29, 2011 17:46

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hello Ulrich;
thank you for your guidance. If I'm not wrong, in that example that you say it is use thermophysical model. I'm not familar with thermophysical model very much but what I understand is that they are based on specified formulas.I attach the formuls file of my case:

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