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Fabio_77 April 1, 2011 06:13

Room with moisture
Hi guys, do you have an idea how to modelize moisture in a room?

Thank you

Fabio_77 April 4, 2011 04:24

Any idea????

eugene April 20, 2011 18:21

You transport humidity as a passive scalar. Its all about having the right boundary conditions, initial conditions and diffusivity. If you want to do condensation/evaporation it becomes quite a bit more complicated.

preibie May 13, 2011 03:25

Hallo eugene,

do have some more informations and maybe some papers about the transport equation and the backlash of the energy for example.


lindner February 6, 2012 12:58

Following the same ideia, what solver should i start with to model evaporation? I want an interface air/water and the evaporation effect (ex: a pool in a closed room). bubbleFoam? buoyantBaffleSimpleFoam?

Thanks in advance

preibie February 6, 2012 13:58

in the reactingParcelFilmFoam is evaporation inclusive

lindner February 7, 2012 07:26

Thank you Preibe! That was exactly what i was looking for.

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