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kamkari April 1, 2011 10:49

conjugateHeatFoam solver included in OF 1.6-ext
I have downloaded the last version of conjugateHeatFoam solver (Laminar Incompresible conjugate heat transfer solver developed by Prof. Hrvoje Jasak) from openFoam 1.6-ext. Since i am using openfoam 1.7.0, I tried to compile it but I faces some problems relating to coupleFVmatrices.H & regioncouplepolymath.H files. It seems these files are not included in OF 1.7. 0!!
Has anyone been able to compile this solver on OF 1.7.0 or 1.7.1??
I appreciate any comments for compiling this solver on the latest release of openFoam.

Here is the link for conjugateHeatFoam solver:;a=tree;f=applications/solvers/coupled;h=47dd8e3897bd11b3102872314669938e5b5a7b48 ;hb=HEAD
thank you for your consideration

chegdan April 3, 2011 14:36

I switched completely to the ext (dev) version to get these sort of additional tools. I do know that the $FOAM_SRC/coupledMatrix source is not in 1.7.x (unless it is in another spot) like you have pointed out. In 1.6-ext, the $FOAM_SRC/coupledMatrix folder has more than just containers since you need new linear system solvers (and a boundary condition) to solve the coupled matrix. If you really want to use the solver, it might save time to move to ext rather than trying to get it working in 1.7. Just my two cents.

Good Luck,


kamkari April 4, 2011 00:04

Hi Daniel
Thank you for your reply. I will follow your advice and try to install OF 1.6-ext.
Wish you all the bests

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