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JF.JTT April 3, 2011 06:37

Hi everybody,

If I have well understood, porousInterFoam is a suitable solver for 2 imiscible and incompressible fluids in porous media.

I ran this solver on a 1D case with a perfectly homogeneous porous zone on all the simulation box. When neglecting the the capillary pressure, the flow front velocity is governed by the Darcy's.

The Darcy law states that the (transient) velocity of the front depends on the porosity of the medium which is not what I observe when running porousInterFoam (the porosity is modified in the porousZone dictionary).

I don't know if there's something I misunderstand or a trick in my data. If anyone could explain me what wrong, I would be very grateful.


JF.JTT April 8, 2011 16:04

I think I must simplify my previous post.

According to the Darcy law, Poroisty of the media change the flow front velocity. It is not the case when modifying the porosity in porousZone dictionnary.
Is that normal or a bug ?

grandnigou May 1, 2011 14:05

I think you're right JTT. I ran the same case you described previously and I found the same error.

I think there is a bug in this solver. Need help !


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