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likefry April 3, 2011 23:26

Snappy Hex Mesh problems
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Hi all,

I'm having some problems with snappyhexmesh in openfoam in creating a new shape.

I'm trying to model a 3d boat rudder i've made in solidworks. I created the STL file in solidworks but i can't get it to create the mesh.

when i run snappyhexmesh it created a new layer but its empty.

i've used the motorbike example as a template and no matter what i do i can't get it to work.

Here is the SHM file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I know i'm getting an empty mesh as when i run checkmesh it says the size is 0 cells.


colinB April 4, 2011 03:52

one of the problems you have, is that you have different names for the same things in your sHMD file:

airfoil1rudder =! rudderPatch

look for these two above mentioned names in your file and ensure that they are the same.

This should help to fix your problem.

Finally another remark:
For troubles with sHM there is a separate Forum so it is more convenient to use that.


mfiandor September 22, 2011 04:14


where is that separate forum for SHMD?

really keen on it

elvis September 22, 2011 06:49


you also might have a look at Discretizer
=>Discretizer-Setup gives some aid dealing with SHM

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