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Balakrshnan Ramakrishnan April 4, 2011 06:44

Laplacian term missing in simpleFoam - UEqn.H
Dear Foamers,
I am trying to understand the code for simpleFoam and I came across the wiki for the same

HTML Code:
In the above link , in the "Implementation of the SIMPLE algorithm in OpenFOAM" section,

the second equation says that the

tmp<fvVectorMatrix> UEqn
fvm::div(phi, U) - laplacian(nu,U)

But in the actual file UEqn.H in the /solvers folder , the code is as below

tmp<fvVectorMatrix> UEqn
fvm::div(phi, U)
+ turbulence->divDevReff(U)

Is the laplacian term replaced with a turbulence term??

Can someone help to figure this out?

Your help is highly appreciated.


santiagomarquezd April 4, 2011 17:45

Hi, simpleFoam manages both laminar and turbulent cases via turbulence->divDevReff(U). This term reduces to the laplacian one in laminar cases.


Balakrshnan Ramakrishnan April 5, 2011 10:58

Thanks a lot for your reply:)

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