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Ollie April 11, 2011 12:39

OpenFOAM: LES turbulence model names

I want to use the WALE (Wall adapting local eddy viscosity) model and the kinetic energy subgrid-scale model for my final year undergraduate project.

In openfoam they aren't called the same names as above. I have established that the dynOneEqEddy is the kinetic energy subgrid-scale model by looking at the transport equations in the programmers guide. I am not as sure on the WALE model, i think it is the locDynOneEqEddy but i can't confirm it.

Could someone let me know if I am correct about the kinetic energy model and the WALE model, and if not, which are the corresponding openfoam models?



Fransje April 12, 2011 07:25

Dear Ollie,

To my knowledge there is nothing like the WALE model implemented in OpenFOAM. As a mater of fact, none of the LES models in OpenFOAM are dynamically local. They have dynamic coefficients changing in time, but with global coefficients computed over the whole domain.

Basically, if you want a WALE model, you will have to implement it yourself based on an existing model.

Kind regards,


Ollie April 12, 2011 13:26

cheers Francois,

another thing, was I right about dynOneEqEddy is the kinetic energy subgrid-scale model (The model proposed by Kim and Menon (1999))?. I ask because the transport equations for the dynOneEqEddy and the LocdynOneEqEddy are very similar.

My project supervisor dosn't want me to use the Smagorinsky model and its dynamic version as they have been studied widely for the type of flow I am looking at (High Reynolds number flow over a cylinder). That is why I wanted to use the Dynamic Kinetic Energy SGS and the WALE model. As openfoam dosent have the WALE model, would the LocdynOneEqEddy be a good choice?



Fransje April 13, 2011 10:11

I stand corrected. locDynOneEqEddy returns a volScalarField for ck and ce, which would imply a local computation of the coefficients at every time step..

That's the main difference between dynOneEqEddy and locDynOneEqEddy, with the former having a single coefficient computed over the whole domain.

And as for the choice of your models and whether they would be usable for what you want to do, you'll have to look at the OpenFOAM code and understand what is happening, and compare it to the theoretical models you have in mind. You'll probably have to do some coding of your own if you are planning on using some exotic SGS models.

Kind regards,


gopala April 27, 2012 05:10

WALE LES model in OpenFOAM?
I am wondering if anyone tried the implementation of the WALE model for LES in OpenFOAM?

vonboett January 7, 2013 11:24

At LTTRostock they have recently implemented a dynamic mixed version of Meneveaus lagrangian SGS model, I think this is already a step forward for flows in complex geometry. But the dynamic mixed WALE according to seems to be even superior...

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