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atareen64 April 13, 2011 15:43

Openfoam mac: Compiling custom libraries
Dear Foamers,

I installed the mac port of openfoam on my imac (OF 1.7.x) and it works like a charm.
Can anybody please tell me how I can compile my own libraries on the mac port? i.e. change solvers to my needs and things like that? Please please help, or if you know somebody who has answered this question already, kindly redirect me.

I used to the following link to install OF on my mac.

Warmest regards,

benk April 13, 2011 16:05

If you're able to run the tutorial problems, then it should be as simple as editing the solver, then in the solver directory type: "wmake" to compile and then in the case directory of the problem, type the case name.

Normally it's best to copy the solver to your run directory (~/OpenFOAM/user-1.7.x/run) before editing it though.

mvoss April 14, 2011 03:11


Originally Posted by atareen64 (Post 303501)
Dear Foamers,

I used to the following link to install OF on my mac.

afaik there is no source code involved, so... do as the the setup told you but instead of automatically mounting an .dmg-image, create your own CASE_SENSITIVE partition, get the sources through macports and compile them with the patches from Bernard.


atareen64 April 14, 2011 11:01

Thank you Benk!

Newbie, actually I have access to all the source code with this mac port and wmake works, so I have feeling the compilation of my own libraries should be similar to compiling OF libraries on a linux. Although I haven't tried it, I'll try it soon and repost.

Thank you!

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