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Svensson April 19, 2011 06:08

Conversion axisymmetric cases from Fluent
Trying to solve in OpenFOAM tutorial for Ansys Fluent 6.3. Here's a link to the conditions of the problem. Axisymmetric problem of combustion of methane! We believe that the methane is completely burned and there is a direct reaction: CH4 + O2-> CO2 + H2O. Used as a solver rhoReactingFoam.

Mesh in Fluent, as far as I know, that plane that axisymmetric - the same.

At first I tried to solve the problem on a flat grid (fluentMeshToFoam). Everything was good. When I try using makeAxialMesh problems started. The maximum and minimum temperatures of combustion were to go beyond 200 K and 5000 K, respectively. I made a suggestion that I incorrectly convert "flat" mesh from fluent to the axisymmetric mesh in OpenFOAM. In forums and wiki writing conflicting information about how to create axisymmetric projects. I use OpenFOAM 1.7.1.

Here's a link to the grid and projects for Ansys Fluent

Here's a link to my case.

What i do wrong?

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