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mohanamuraly April 27, 2011 00:26

foamToTecplot360 on mac osx 10.6 SL
Most of the pre-compiled binaries of OF for mac cannot execute foamToTecplot360 due to linking error. It can be fixed by the following procedure.

1) Go to the directory (I assume that the OF base path is $OF_PATH )

cd $OF_PATH/applications/utilities/postProcessing/dataConversion/foamToTecplot360/tecio/

2) Now open the Runmake file in this directory
vim Runmak

3) Now replace lines 75-80 with the lines shown below:
case $Platname in
mac*) CCOMP=g++
4) Now execute Runmake and select mac in the list of options and choose "Make tecio.a only"

5) You should see that g++ compiles some files and if it exists without any error then go to the next step.

6) now step into the folder tecsrc
cd tecsrc

7) Now type the following command
g++ -shared *.o -o $FOAM_LIBBIN/libtecio.dylib

Now you should be able to use foamToTecplot360 on your mac 10.6 SL. Make sure you have installed the latest Apple Developer Tools.



Pavanakumar Mohanamuraly

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