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kel85uk May 4, 2011 05:22

interFoam and Continuous-Species-Transfer (CST) method
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Hi all,

I need some help in determining if I am on the right track to implement the jump conditions for species concentration across the air-water interface for a bubble. The base solver I am using is interFoam without AMR/MRF functions. I thought of keeping it simple first before adding more functionality.


        Diffusion_cell[cID]=D_spec_liq.value()*D_spec_gas.value()/(D_spec_gas.value()*alpha1[cID] + D_spec_liq.value()*(1.0 - alpha1[cID]));


        gamma_diff[cIID] = -Diffusion_cell[cIID]*(1-He)*C[cIID]/(alpha1[cIID] + He*(1.0 - alpha1[cIID]));
        solve(fvm::ddt(C) + fvc::div(phi,C) - fvc::laplacian(Diffusion_cell,C) == fvc::laplacian(gamma_diff,alpha1));

The Diffusion_cell, and gamma_diff variables are of the volScalarField type. I tried a simple cube test case with no flow velocity imposed, but the run was unsuccessful. Also, I noticed that the value of grad(alpha1) is not 0 inside the phases, which cannot be correct.

The equations are based on one of the references (Haroun et al, 2008) in Holger Marschall's 5th OpenFOAM workshop abstract of the same case.

Any hints/help whatsoever is much appreciated.

Thank you.


cqworm May 10, 2011 03:59

I am doing the same work.
If possible you could email me for more convenient exchange ideas.

Looking for more professional ones posting here...

hfsf December 22, 2012 20:05

Jump conditions in interFoam
Guys, i've strumbled upon the same question. Recently I've got some help in a post that could be very useful:

In that post the user nimasan described and alternative approach to use the jump conditions within the VOF approach, with some interesting reference background.



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