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cristina87 May 11, 2011 09:59

What BC for a solid in OpenFoam?

How can I make a solid model in a cfd sand storm simulation or better to said which would be the right BC for this block?

I tryed with "type zeroGradient;" for pressure because I thought a solid will not be pressed - it's an obstacle. But however when I run the simulation the streamlines from the storm pass through my buildings (solid) - and that's not my expected behavior.


cristina87 May 11, 2011 17:48

no slip condition
Ok, I found the no-slip conditions... I applied them but the stream lines still don't surround the buildings how it would be normal... They pass through the building...

Should I set a initial velocity in internalField - big box which contains the buildings...?

mturcios777 May 11, 2011 18:15

When you say the streamlines are going through your block, that means the velocity field is being solved for inside that block. If this a solid object with no deformations, then you shouldn't be solving transport equations in there anyway.

To get the behavior you want, you need to mesh your domain in a way so that you are only simulating the volume surrounding your solid object.

If your object is semi-permeable, then you need to be running coupled solvers, like the chtMultiRegion only adapted for a two phase euler simulation.

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