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fusij May 12, 2011 04:34

compiling a new library
Hello all,

I have one problem that I need an urgent help to.

I developed a new class from the original one, mixerGgiFvMesh. This new class lets the rotation stop after some certain time value. But when I include the library in the controlDict it always comes with this error statement:

"could not load /data/users/vaj5/OpenFOAM/vaj5-1.5-dev/lib/linux64GccDPOpt/ undefined symbol: _ZTIN4Foam13dynamicFvMeshE"

My case will run but it seems that the controlDict does not do any commands after I include the library, so forces calculation etc. are not done (they are below in the dictionary). Also when I want to reconstruct the case after running, the same error comes up and it will not reconstruct.

I am using OF-1.5-dev

Can anyone tell me where this originates from? Is this about compiling issues or something else?

In hope for quick answers. Thank you.

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