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stawrogin May 17, 2011 15:42

soild - solid coupling in CHT
Dear all,

I actually have a CHT problem (OF 1.7) where I couple several solid regions with quite different thermal conductivity (there are also some fluid regions as well)
I have some convergence problems in the solid regions and I wonder if this might be caused by the patch type at the solid-solid interfaces.

I use the same interfaces for T at the solid/solid and solid/fluid side:

compressible::turbulentTemperatureCoupledBaffleMix ed

type compressible::turbulentTemperatureCoupledBaffleMix ed;
neighbourFieldName T;
K K;
value uniform 300;

I wonder if there is a better patch for solid/solid coupling. But using K -> K should be okay I think.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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