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paka May 25, 2011 02:24

Discretizer on Mac.
FYI. I couldn't find any information regarding Discretizer ( running on Mac. I did download the source and played a little bit to try to make it work. Appears it runs well and fine on Mac. Below you can find a short guideline what to do in order to make it work:

1. Download the source:

2. Put the unpacked files into desired destination, i.e. /opt/

3. Add required Ruby libraries by running following commands:
- sudo gem install fxruby
- sudo gem install ruby-opengl

4. Get into the folder where you copied discretizer, i.e.: $DISCRETIZER_PATH/discretizer/
Inside the folder there should 'discretizer.rb' file. Open it and add in the list of all require calls (i.e. on top of them) following statement:
require 'rubygems' and save.

5. In the same folder run Discretizer by invoking:
ruby discretizer.rb

Hope it helps! Enjoy!

Threads which were somewhat helpful in the process:

paka June 3, 2011 19:33

To get discretizerSetup running, do the following:

svn co http://fiscretizer.svn.sourceforge.n...r/discretizer/

then launch running: ruby discretizersetup.rb within discretizersetup/ folder.

Hope that helps. Best,

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