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Evelina June 2, 2011 15:31

Program for pre- and postprocessing computations
I'm new to CFD, and I'm looking for a GUI-program for pre- and postprocessing the computations made in OpenFOAM. Is there anybody that can recommend such a program? Preferably opensource.

The only promising I've found so far is Salome, and I'd be happy if someone who has used it can give me some comments on that program!

Thanks in advance!


wschosta June 2, 2011 16:50

You're looking for a way of graphically representing the data output by OpenFOAM, correct?

You could always use paraView which is accessed by the command:

paraFoam -case <caseDir>
ParaView is the included post-processing tool provided with OpenFOAM, it's pretty useful and very convenient. I know there are others but I have no experience with them. And as far as graphically representing pre-processing data, I'm not sure exactly what you mean...

Anyways, I'd start with ParaView

Hope that helps!


(A link to some ParaView info)

julien.decharentenay June 2, 2011 19:13

On the pre-processing side, you can try Discretizer at

My understanding is that you might be able to create mesh and setup using it. But I have no personal experience.

Kind regards,

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