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Hisham June 7, 2011 07:25

Generating Velocity Profile inside domain.
Dear Foamers,

I wish to develop a wave tank that has the ability to generate irregular waves as well as absorb them. I think introducing sponge layers at the beginning and end of the tank (or at least porous media) because reflected waves (from a modeled structure) are expected. Therefore, I wish to generate the waves by introducing the velocity profile and free surface elevation just at the end of the first sponge layer. As a newbie, I need help with what's the approach and what is the optimum tools to base my work on (what to use or use as a base for development).

I do not mean at the boundary, but inside the domain

...................Wave Generation
------------------------- I
------------------------- I
--- sponge layer ---I ----------------------------------------------Domain ------------------------------------I--------Sponge Layer ---------I
------------------------- I
------------------------- I
Best regards,
Hisham El Safti

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