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ayoros June 7, 2011 08:45

Radiation with Boussinesq approximation
Hi everyone !

I would like to perform computations based on buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam and including radiation.

I took a look at the buoyantSimpleRadiationFoam to check the radiation part in the energy equation.

My problem is I don't see how to adapt the radiation contribution in the energy equation to the temperature equation of buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam.

Did anyone already try to do so ? Or can anyone give me a hint on this ?

thanks in advance.

MisterX January 22, 2013 07:46

Hello ayoros,

I am working on quite the same problem as you did. I want to implement radiation(only with view factors) in buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam but don't know exactly how to implement radiation terms in TEqn. Did you solve this problem?
I am wondering because the calculation of Sh() for view factor is zero, do I have to handle with this stuff or can I use the normal bBPF solver?
I would appreciate it if you could share your experience with me on this topic.

Thanks in advance.



Mojtaba.a September 8, 2013 15:19

Does anybody has any solution for this?
Same problem here !

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