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s-ammarlu June 7, 2011 10:59

turbulent kenetic energy
i have a question : how can we show turbulent kenetic energy , with openfoam 10.4 ?

mturcios777 June 7, 2011 11:53

For all turbulent simulations run with standard OpenFoam solvers, the turbulent KE field is written for every time directory. You have many options to visualize, do you mean how to see it in ParaFoam/ParaView?

s-ammarlu June 7, 2011 14:32

turbulent KE
Hi macro
excuse me , i cant show turbulent KE in parafoam or in open foam , i want the code that i get KE diagram from open foam .
best regard

mturcios777 June 7, 2011 14:39

Have you gone through the tutorial for lid-driven cavity flow, found in the User's Guide? Its located in:


The tutorial will show you how to visualize fields, and by using a little thought you can figure out how to show the KE field instead of pressure. Make sure you are running the solver with turbulent activated.

s-ammarlu June 7, 2011 14:50

yes i am running with oodles solver , but i cant see any turbulent structure in it .

mturcios777 June 7, 2011 14:58

If you are running oodles then you won't get turbulent kinetic energy unless you post-process the results, since you are using an LES model.

I'm not as familiar with the LES solvers. I see in the pitzDaily tutorial included there is a k field defined in the 0 time directory. Is that only an initial condition or if k written out every time?

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