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cfd_user2011 June 12, 2011 05:13

Interfoam Microchannel flow parasitic velocities
Hello everyone,
I am trying to simulate capillary flow in a micro-channel using Interfoam. However, I am getting parasitic velocities. I guess this is also the reason why the timestep is of the order of 10e-6. Intitally the parasitic velocities appears only at the interface, but then they appear in the entire air phase. I am using Openfoam 1.7. I am using the same schemes as those in the capillary rise tutorial. Any idea how to get rid of the parasitic velocities?

phsieh2005 June 12, 2011 06:47


The method proposed in the thread sometimes help, but, not for every case.


cfd_user2011 June 12, 2011 15:43

parasitic velocities
I have implemented the formulation proposed in the "parasitic velocity" thread. However it does help in my case. One potential problem is that the unwanted velocities initially appear only at the interface. However, after sometime they seem to appear in the entire phase2. Is this behavior expected? Can we restrict the parasitic velocities to only the interface?

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