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alessiop June 16, 2011 11:18

moving domain vs. fluctuating flow
Dear Foamers,

I am performing some 2D simulations with fluctuating flow in a channel with an obstacle inside. What I do is having a fixed domain (the channel flow with the obstacle attached on the lower wall) with a timeVaryingUniformFixedValueBC at the inlet & outlet for the velocity. So far I performed my analyses using pimpleFoam and turbFoam.

Now I want to do something different. I don't want to use a fluctuating flow anymore as BC but I want to move the whole domain with a fluctuating velocity (same as flow velocity). Please note I don't want any deformation of the mesh.

Questions are:
  1. which solver is optimal for this application?
  2. Which boundary condition is required to simulate the motion of the whole domain?
  3. Is there any example available which is similar to what I need?

Looking forward to your feedback,

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