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Eferal June 17, 2011 11:30

Benchmark for Fluid-Structure Interaction solver (IcoFsiFoam)
Greetings everyone,
I've been working on this benchmark :;2-1/pdf

I use openfoam-1.5-dev and the IcoFsiFoam solver. I run the same simulation than the pdf paper, but I don't have the same results. I changed a lot of parameters like timestep, my mesh, fvsolution ... but the displacement of the beam structure is not bigger than 0.1 meter.
Does anyone else encounter some issues with this IcoFsiFoam solver ? Anyone interested in running this simulation and try to figure out what's wrong ?

Thank you very much in advance,

feymark June 17, 2011 15:09


I have been testing icoFsiFoam a bit. My guess is that there is a problem with the interpolation. As I understand it the interpolation routine (patchToPatchInterpolation) is based on a ray-search algorithm, this algorithm results in a problem if the solid is thin in relation to the cell size. However, this is not the only problem, even thou i think it's the biggest one in this particular case. See for example

Take care,

feymark June 17, 2011 15:13

I can try to run the simulation and help you with corrections if you provide me with the case.


VincentChai October 3, 2013 03:04

Hi FeyMark,

i am currently trying the icoFsiFoam with the benchmark case which Antoine was mentioned, i have tried with the tutorial provided in OpenFoam for icofsifoam as well. However, the tutorial can get a magnitude of 1e-3m but the benchmark test cannot.
May I know have you tried the icoFsiFoam with the benchmark case already? Hope that you can help me in this work.


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