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nimasam June 21, 2011 13:52

dynamicFvMesh dynamicRefineFvMesh;

refineInterval 1;
field alpha1;
lowerRefineLevel 0.001;
upperRefineLevel 0.999;
unrefineLevel 10;
nBufferLayers 1;
maxRefinement 2;
maxCells 200000;
dumpLevel true;

hi foamer could you please tell me the meaning of :
unrefineLevel and nBufferLayers and dumpLevel ?

thanks alot

nimasam June 25, 2011 16:01

any update?

chrisb2244 August 22, 2013 03:03

Partial Answer

So I'm also looking into this, because I don't know what the unrefineLevel refers to, but the example dynamicMeshDict at $FOAM_SRC/dynamicFvMesh/dynamicRefineFvMesh/dynamicMeshDict has lots of useful comments.

In particular,

"//Which cells to un/refine:... unrefine pointCells that are within nBufferLayers of points marked for refinement."

My understanding of this (which may be wrong :/) is that the cells within nBufferLayers of cells which have the field value specified by the "field" variable between "minLevel" and "maxLevel" will be examined for unrefinement, if they do not have a value falling between min/max level.

If you know the meaning for unrefineLevel, please let me know.
The file taken from the tutorial "damBreakWithObstacle" has

"//If value < unrefineLevel unrefine
unrefineLevel 10;"
but since the values sought out are between 0.001 and 0.999 I would assume this would unrefine every point?

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