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nimasam June 27, 2011 04:30

boundary condition implementation
hello foamer

i have a cyclic jump boundary condition, so i use the fan boundary in openFOAM, but my jump value changes in each time step and this value should be calculated in each time step for next iteration.

now im thinking about coefficient update , could you please guide me how i can implement it:)

nimasam June 28, 2011 14:45

how can i read a scalar from the solver in boundary condition some thing like :

const uniformDimensionedScalarField& Tjump =
db().lookupObject<uniformDimensionedScalarField>(" Tjump");

instead of uniformDimensionedScalarField , i like to use only scalar!

i tried:
const scalar Tjump =

but i encounter following error :

error: cannot dynamic_cast ‘(const Foam::regIOobject*)t’ (of type ‘const class Foam::regIOobject*’) to type ‘const double*’ (target is not pointer or reference to class)

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